Kelly Shibari Tapped as Columnist

Nov 6, 2013 9:45 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — BBW performer and size-acceptance advocate Kelly Shibari has been tapped to contribute a column to the recently launched sexuality site, the brainchild of sex educator Jamye Waxman.

As the “Lovin’ Large” columnist for Waxman’s site, Shibari will offer commentary on sexuality, romance, communication and how these topics relate specifically to people of size, i.e. BBWs (big beautiful women) , BHMs (big handsome men) and the people who love them.

“I’ve always been a bigger girl,” Shibari said. “And though I’ve never lacked in the sex department, there have been issues surrounding my size when it came to confidence and romance. Despite the social stigma tied to people in the adult industry, in my case, exposing my body publicly was the direct catalyst for my self-confidence. If I can share my experience with others and inspire men and women of size have enriched sex lives, then I feel that I have truly paid my good fortune, and newfound confidence, forward.”

Lovin’ Large: Sex and the BBW,” published on last month, shares sex positions and size-based hang-ups. Her next piece, “Size, Acceptance and Sex Appeal,” discusses self-assurance, self-defeating habits and societal stigma. Through both articles, Shibari says she promotes her ongoing mantra of “Confidence is sexy.”

“I reached out to Kelly because she’s a prominent voice in the field of sexuality and pleasure, as well as working with women around self-esteem and body image,” Waxman said. “Kelly is one of the most beautiful women I know, who embraces her body and her sexuality to the fullest — she’s a great role model for women of all shapes, sizes and cultural backgrounds.”

As a BBW model/performer, Shibari is familiar with the body-negative messages that are broadcast through the media on a daily basis. She says  is passionate about introducing body-positive messages into the media spotlight.

Shibari has published her work on several adult industry sites, including XBIZ.

In addition to her norm-challenging work as an adult actress, Shibari is the only plus-sized performer to ever be molded for a Fleshlight, and currently the product model for the plus-size offerings from harness company SpareParts HardWear.

She also runs a PR and marketing consultancy for the adult industry, The PRSM Group, and has spoken at numerous adult and mainstream conventions on the use of social media as a marketing and branding tool for the adult industry, including XBIZ, Inbound Marketing Summit and BlogWorldExpo.

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