Wooden Dildo Designer Kicks Off Crowd Funding Campaign

Nov 11, 2013 9:15 AM PST

MARIBOR, Slovenia — Bucking the common technology-driven sex toy trend, an upstart designer and entrepreneur has launched an Indiegogo campaign to launch her new wooden dildo business.

Dee Lee Doo is a collection of handmade and all-natural wooden dildos created by Iris Trstenjak, that she describes as bedroom accessories not made of industrially produced artificial materials and are not “awkward looking.”

Trstenjak’s sculptures are all-natural, embody solid organic curves and thought-out ergonomic qualities. She says this unique combination of characteristics “de-stigmatizes” the dildo as such. “Very naturally, they become objects, which can be displayed as well as enjoyed.”

The designer has turned to crowd funding to launch Dee Lee Doo in hopes of raising $10,000 to set up shop.  Right now, the collection offers six diverse dildo designs as well as a “Sonoran Whip.” Each design also comes in six different wood types: maple, cherry, walnut, mutenye, zebrano and mahogany, that make up 42 different combinations to choose from.

Wood makes a sex toys into an intimate sculpture and takes away the awkward aura of a regular dildo, Trstenjak maintained. She said the dildos are safe, smooth, warm to touch and aesthetically refined.

Each Dee Lee Doo dildo is finished with multiple layers of all-natural, environmentally- friendly, water thinned transparent varnish, free of solvents and wood preservatives, with a consistent selection of ecologically friendly raw materials, and adhere to DIN standards for toys (DIN EN 71-3). The finish is resistant to saliva, sweat and other bodily fluids (DIN 53160), and has a neutral smell.

The quality of the coating and the wood itself are of the highest standard and crafted with precision, the creator said, and splintering or damage to skin is prevented if used without applying excessive force. After use, the dildo can be rinsed with water and dried off.

Trstenjak’s Indiegogo campaign features a well-made and compelling video where she describes her passion and how each wooden dildo is made. So far, she has raised only $1,875 and has 22 days remaining.

Making her message clear to prospective investors, the designer has taken architect Charles Eames's quote, " Take your pleasure seriously," as her personal mantra.



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