HotMovies Releases 'Justin Bieber’s Brazilian Girlfriend XXX'

Nov 18, 2013 4:00 PM PST

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Adult VOD site has announced the exclusive release of “Justin Bieber’s Brazilian Girlfriend XXX” video starring Tati Neves, now available on a pay-per-minute viewing or download.

Neves, Brazilian model and bodybuilder, recently stepped into the tabloid spotlight for recording pop icon Justin Bieber sleeping in a bed in Brazil after an alleged one night stand together.

Neves has made claims that Bieber is “well-endowed” and “good in bed” to tabloid reporters, publicly speaking about the one-night encounter.

Coverage of the video leak is spanning news and gossip sites, including TMZ, Gawker, Jezebel, New York Daily News and Perez Hilton. has released the movie Neves appeared in from the studio Reel Brazil, long before her run-in with Bieber. The film was originally released in 2006, when Neves went by the pseudonym "Emanuele."

Staff for the company discovered the model’s likeness and confirmed Emanuele to be the modern-day Tati Neves after “precise and intricate review” of a flower tattoo found on her bikini line. She has since added some extra art to the tattoo and has also surgically augmented her breasts. is a non-membership site with no monthly fees. Movies can be viewed from any location, on any device, starting at a pay-per-minute average price of ten cents a minute.

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