Vivas Discusses 'Making Peace With Porn' With

Nov 20, 2013 4:15 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Pink Visual CEO Allison Vivas spoke with about what inspired her to write a book to help women understand porn.

In a Q&A published this week, Vivas answers nine queries from Vice author Betty Burns about "Making Peace With Porn," a book released last month that helps women understand the normalcy of viewing porn.

Burns said that she was lured to the book because she needed to come to terms with her own boyfriend’s porn promiscuity.

But Vivas made it clear that men look at porn in a very familiar way to all —because it is "just entertainment."

"When it comes to all other forms of entertainment, people are able to distinguish between reality and fantasy," Vivas told Vice. "But all of a sudden, when it comes to porn, we have these fears that it’s really going to play into reality. I think there are a lot of women, especially in my generation, who didn’t grow up with the Internet. All of these statistics about porn viewing give us the perception that our perfect man doesn’t look at porn, but that is not the reality."

The Q&A can be found here.

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