Cherry Media CEO Pens Article on Women's Perception of Porn

Nov 21, 2013 7:00 AM PST

BARCELONA, Spain — Cherry Media CEO and founder Julia Dimambro has penned an article entitled “4 Women, 4 Generations, 4 Perceptions … of Porn,” that takes an in depth look at the views of four women from different generations and how they perceive adult entertainment, access control and the recent clamp down in the U.K.

The four women contributors include a 67 year-old baby boomer, a 43 year-old “liberation-era” women from generation X, a 29 year-old generation Y digital revolution woman, and a “miss teen queen” 15 year-old generation Z digital lifestyle girl.

Dimambro said the article investigates how adult entertainment and its availability has changed through the ages and how the sexual revolution brought sexual equality and higher awareness for women.

She investigated how women feel about a market that is mainly focused on male satisfaction and does adult entertainment still push through social boundaries?

Dimambro asked now that we live in the digital age, what does an average woman of any age think about how adult entertainment is regulated?  She also queried the women on how effective is the protection of minors and how does easier access via smartphones impact teenager’s perception of what ‘real sex’ actually is?

“I really had no idea how this article would turn out. I was discussing the topic of adult entertainment and the new online regulations that have come into play recently in the U.K. over a coffee with a few friends (as you do when you’re in my business) and I started to see really interesting variations in how each woman interpreted both erotica and the regulation thereof. This created the framework for the article,” Dimambro said.

She added, “What amazed me more, once it was completed, was that in the opinion of four well educated, family oriented, but none the less totally different women, of different ages and from different cultures (Spanish, Dutch, English), not one of them saw adult entertainment as a beast that needs to be squashed by what appears to be media-hyped censorship In-fact they all believed it would only serve to increase adult entertainment’s lure and appeal, rather than effectively control access to it. Look at examples like prohibition in the 30’s.”

The full article can be read here.



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