Guido Fawkes Posts 'Cameron's Porn Snake' Game

Nov 29, 2013 1:45 PM PST

LONDON — With the New Year nigh, Britons have reignited the debate over David Cameron’s proposed mandatory porn blocks, set to kick in Jan 1.

So, what better way to diffuse tension than with a bit of cheeky humor? Well-known British polical blogger Guido Fawkes posted a computer game “Cameron’s Porn Snake” yesterday, an updated, humorous version of Nokia’s 90s classic, “Snake.”

The rules are simple and symbolic: “Help protect Britain from the evil porn — gobble it up! Guide our hard working Prime Minster around the board using your arrow keys. As he consumes more porn he'll become more difficult to control. Avoid the porn blocks!”

Set in a faux parliamentary meeting, a small photo of Cameron chases around relatively innocent porn pictures, including bikini-bound boobs and a blowup doll’s perma-shocked face. As you gobble up more pics,the Cameron pictures multiply into a snakelike figure.

Guido Fawkes AKA Paul Staines has been a vocal critic of Cameron’s porn filter initiative since its advent a few months ago.

British parliamentary member Claire Perry, a vocal supporter of online porn filters and the “opt in” porn system proposed by Cameron, accused Staines in July of hacking her website and posting lewd photos. Staines denied culpability.  

“Cameron’s Porn Snake” game was originally posted by Anorak. To check it out and help Cameron gobble up the evil porn, click here.   

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