Max Candy Launches 'World's 1st Copyright-Free Porn Film'

Dec 2, 2013 2:30 PM PST

PRAGUE — European producer/director Max Candy launched a crowdfunding campaign for the world’s first copyright-free porn film, “Zombies in Paradise.”

“This is an exciting new experiment in copyright-free film production and may very well change the way films are released,” Candy said on the film’s Offbeatr page. “Pledgers will be allowed, hell — encouraged, to mash up and upload to their heart's content. Original camera footage will be made available and if a pledger comes up with a better cut for a scene, we will use it.”

According to Candy, the project will be in the public domain under the creative commons model; but due to 2257 regulations, those who want to re-cut the film or use it commercially will need to make special arrangements to obtain the records.

Shot in a hardcore grindhouse style, “Zombies In Paradises” is a coming-of-age story in a post-apocalyptic Eden.

The synopsis reads, the film opens in the year 2257, where a global pandemic has severely reduced the world’s population. Its new society, now called “New Eden,” has become completely matriarchal, as few men survived and few are being born.

Emily, a paragon of innocence, is the leader of a small reconstruction team. In the process of rebuilding, the team comes across a forgotten WWII facility that housed a Third Reich experiment gone awry. Cracking the seal on this evil Pandora’s box causes a horrifying panoply of zombies to escape into the idyllic haven of New Eden. The band of women, fronted by Emily, must act fast, or lose the fragile new world they have created.

“Due to [Internet] piracy, it’s getting harder and harder for distribution companies to pay for high-end porn.,” Candy said, explaining the rationale behind launching the project. “So I decided if you cannot beat them, try something new.”

“Zombies in Paradise” needs 730 votes to run on Offbeatr. To check out the campaign or vote, click here.

Candy has helmed successful projects, including the XBIZ award-winning “Inglorious Bitches,” and “Sexual Adventures of Little Red” and “Ritual.” He has collaborated with the high-profile studios Marc Dorcel, Wicked Pictures and Private Media Group on European and Stateside productions.

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