Dutch Women's Porn Channel, 'Dusk,' Sets Its Sights on the U.S.

Dec 6, 2013 7:00 AM PST

THE NETHERLANDS — "Dusk," the Dutch-based 24 hour porn channel for women could be on the air in the U.S. by the first quarter of 2014.

Founded by two men, the channel provides “porna” content, a term it coined that the producers feel is more acceptable to women.

"If you call it porn, [women] say that's disgusting. We invented the word 'porna' to give it a more feminine touch," co-founder Martijn Broersma, said.

The four-year old channel was launched after the founders were approached by a cable channel looking for a female-oriented erotica channel. Boersma, a media entrepreneur knew that 60 percent Dutch women watched porn, but weren’t thrilled with the typical offerings.

Currently, four major TV providers in the Netherlands carry Dusk. Its content is chosen by a group of women called the Dusk Panel (of about 2,000 active members) that allows women in the Netherlands to join for free, according to a Fast Company report. 45 producers from around the world supply the content.

According to the founders, women want to see "normal" people like adult star James Deen who are having fun. Lots of foreplay, nice scenery and good production values are also key.

Most of the Dusk’s content is straight. Boersma said lesbian content just isn’t that popular.

Men also watch Dusk, according to the providers. "There are about 100 sex therapists that subscribe couples with relationship problems to Dusk," Broersma said. "A lot of couples watching Dusk, it's the first time they can watch [erotica] together without feeling ashamed. By doing so, you know that probably something will happen afterwards."




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