PHS Debuts Colorful Biothane BDSM Collection

Dec 18, 2013 12:15 PM PST

PHOENIX  — PHS International has released a new line of BDSM accessories made of colorful biothane, a fortified vegan rubber alternative to leather.

Featuring traditional styles in new bright yellow, red and black tones, the company says that the biothane pieces pop from store displays and offer a vibrant alternative to the traditional dark colors commonly found in the BDSM product category.

According to the company, PHS product developers selected the new color combinations expressly for their “intensity and allure” to both gay and straight shoppers.

Each restraint, collar, leash and other matching item is available in red-and-black, yellow-and-black and solid black options. Purple options may be forthcoming.

“In the gay community, red and yellow indicate interest in certain sexual interests and stocking BDSM accessories and other intimate products in these tones are guaranteed sellers,” PHS CEO Chuck Harnish said. “These rules don’t generally apply to the straight community, but testing shows that customers of all lifestyles respond impressively to vibrant colors that truly stand out. With so much black, gray and white out there, our new biothane color options provide retailers with a fresh and colorful way to brighten up their BDSM sections.”

Reinforced at its core, biothane is a durable alternative to leather that’s reportedly easy to clean and maintain without stretching, fading or cracking. A unique form of rubber, biothane doesn’t get sticky with long-term use and is void of the odor commonly associated with rubber products.

“Biothane has become a PHS must-have and our customers love the alternative option,” Harnish continued. “Leather is a reliable material but requires maintenance, which many customers just don’t have time for, and is an immediate no-no for shoppers that prefer to keep their sex lives vegan. It’s truly an innovation for the BDSM community and we’re excited to make it available to the adult retail industry.”

Biothane products are available through the M2M line of accessories for gay men and the Heart to Heart (H2H) couples-friendly collection, which features wrist and ankle cuffs, collars, blindfolds, leashes, silicone ball gags, and an array of c-rings.

Email Harnish at for details and ordering information.
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