DominicFord Premieres Google Glass Gay Porn

Dec 26, 2013 9:30 AM PST

NEW YORK — DominicFord, reigning XBIZ Gay Company of the Year, has reportedly released the first gay porn scene partially filmed with Google Glass.

Dominic Ford says that because Google Glass allows the user to record completely hand-free video,  the footage provides "a point-of-view experience unlike consumers have seen before. Google Glass records everything exactly how the wearer sees it, while giving the wearer completely mobility and use of all parts of his body."

The new scene stars jocky duo Jacob Durham and Scott Harbor as they flip flop (bodies and Glass device) on a minimalist set. As they pass the Glass back and forth between each other, you can see their respective perspectives of the action.

In the trailer, the viewer is presented with both the POV Glass shots and third-person footage simultaneously.    

Google hasn't released Google Glass to the general public, but earlier this year thousands of individuals and companies were able to buy the wearable computer that includes an optical head-mounted display. Ford says it was one of the initial invitees to the beta program.

Last week Ford made headlines when it claimed that it would be the first gay porn company to release content in 4K UltraHD resolution.

Ford’s latest partial-Glass scene will be available for members today on The scene can also be viewed in 4K and 3D.

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