Sundance Short Goes Behind the Faux Porn Scene

Jan 15, 2014 1:15 PM PST

NEW YORK — Playing in the Sundance Film Festival this week is “Pleasure” a short film that explores the human dimension of shooting double anal on a porn set; Or, as the Sundance description reads, “’Pleasure’ is a startling film about workplace intrigue.”

Clocking in at 15 minutes, the Swedish film by Ninja Thyberg follows a blonde porn star (Jenny Hutton) as her and her co-stars hack out (clothed) the mechanics of their upcoming scene. Hutton acts in hyperbole to reveal the comedic/awkward/embarrassing moments that punctuate porn production, while sounds of background sex waft conspicuously in and out of earshot.

Rumors surface about another starlet attempting a daring and lucrative act — double anal. When the girl fails to perform, Hutton heroically steps in, accepts the challanege and stoically bends over (literally now) for her stylist to insert several practice butt plugs.

The film, which already won the Critics’ Week award at Cannes, features no nudity, save a very large plastic dong masquerading as real-life member.  

Thyberg, who is currently studying film directing at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, said she has long been interest in porn and its social implications.

She is currently working on a feature film “Hot Chicks” about a Swedish girl becoming a porn star in L.A., Animal New York reported.

To watch “Pleasure” in its entirety on Hulu, click here.

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