Revenge Porn King Hunter Moore's DJ Gig Cancelled

Jan 21, 2014 9:15 AM PST

CHICAGO — Revenge is sweet. Especially when Hunter Moore, the creator and “most hated man on the Internet,” gets served.

Moore’s  “Born to Bang” DJ gig at Chicago's Lincoln Hall — promoted by party planners Porn and Chicken — reportedly scheduled for Feb. 15 was canceled after opponents made up of feminists and partyers launched an all-out Twitter and Facebook campaign.

"In spite of an outside promoter's announcement, we never booked or confirmed a lineup for the Feb. 15 event. Hunter Moore will not be appearing at Lincoln Hall," the venue said in a Facebook page statement.

Moore’s bullying site was shut down in 2012 but he continued to promote himself and DJ gigs, encouraging his 500,000+ followers to blast his critics.

Despite his social media reach and dubious support, the anti-Moore contingent mounted their online assault and reportedly issued plans to boycott both the venue hall and Porn and Chicken. The outcry reached as far as Texas and the Middle East.

Kat O'Rly, the host of WLUW's radio show, Destination Unknown, tweeted, “I've seen many shows at LH and am attending tonight, but if Hunter Moore remains on this bill, it might be the last time.”

Another anti-Moore supporter and regular at Lincoln Hall, Nicolette Meyer, told website GapersBlock that she was angered and saddened because, "Any place that ignores the outcry of their patrons and allows someone who literally benefits both financially and socially from the abuse (mental and emotional) of women to [perform] in their venue is not a place that I would feel comfortable frequenting or supporting any longer."

DJ the Tornado, a local prevention educator at a rape crisis center by day, said Moore’s booking is a perpetuation of rape culture, where revenge porn is akin to an act of sexual violence.

"When Porn & Chicken booked Hunter Moore to appear at their party, they were contributing to the normalizing of men's violence," adding that the booking was "[condoning] the violence Moore has committed towards numerous women, and the violence that Moore unabashedly celebrates."


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