Cosmo Talks Fitness, Food With 4 Porn Stars

Jan 31, 2014 12:00 PM PST

When Gabrielle Union appeared on The Conan O’Brien show and told the world that she admires the porn stars’ workout ethic at her gym, she unwittingly inspired one Cosmo reporter to query the obvious — what porn stars really do to keep fit for the camera.    

Cosmo then reached out to top Spiegler girls Asa Akira (29), Dana de Armond (34), Jessie Andrews (21) and Chanel Preston (28), who espoused their personal regiments for maintaining their unique physique/psyche.

While Akira admits “I’d like to [work out] seven days but I try to force myself to take a day off,” Preston says that she only occasionally hits the gym, explaining “I purposely try not to do too much [cardio work] because I don’t like to see really skinny girls have sex, so I don’t want to be that.”

The girls sometimes reached a consensus: almost all of the girls cited reverse cowgirl as the most physically taxing sex position, and, regardless of their diet idiosyncrasies, they all erred towards non-processed foods and conscientiousness. De Armond says, “I don’t really eat fast food or overly processed food. The food on set is a nightmare. They lay out cookies or they order pizza and I’m just like ‘Nooo, get it away from me!’”

The piece ends on a refreshingly candid note, where the girls explain that, despite the aesthetic pressures of porn, they have all managed to embrace their natural or surgically enhanced bodies. “To be honest, there are so many pros and cons in the industry about weight, some companies might like you thicker and some companies might like you anorexic skinny,” Andrews said. “You can never please everyone. You just have to be yourself and go with what makes you happy and feel good.”

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