Porn Stars Share Valentine's Tips

Feb 14, 2014 3:15 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Galaxy Publicity queried a handful of adult stars about their most memorable Valentine's Day moments and also asked them to share their best advice for Cupid's holiday.

This is what they said:

Misty Stone: "My favorite Valentine's Day memory was my scene with Natasha Star. It was in a Jacuzzi tub with bubbles and Valentine's themed decorations all around us. It was a hot scene and I will not forget it, thank you Natasha. Just wished we had rose petals as well, that's always a nice touch baby."

KiKi Daire: "My first girlfriend blindfolded me, and dripped candle wax all over me. Before it cooled. she pressed a frozen banana against it. The hot and then cold sensation was different from anything I had experienced before, plus the sensation of being blindfolded. That was pretty memorable.

Emy Reyes: "Girls really love to woken up with a kiss and a flower, or maybe a meaningful compliment. It makes a girl get all juicy goosy inside."

Trinity St. Clair: "I lost my virginity on Valentine's Day, and that always makes this day special for me. In fact, I might rub one off, just thinking about that."

Selma Sins: "Chocolate and Strawberries, what a great combination. Plus, chocolate is an aphrodisiac and helps to put you in the mood."

Priya Rai: "I love to go dancing, so if you're looking to do something special on Valentine's night, take her out dancing guys. Girls love to be taken out on the town, so splurge a little, and make a whole night of it."

Luna Star: "Spontaneity and romance are important. Something unexpected and hot. It would be great if every day was Valentine's Day, it's one of my favorite holidays."

Pictured: Kiki Daire

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