'Jerky' Smartphone Browser Lets Users Bypass U.K. Porn Filters

Feb 19, 2014 10:30 AM PST

LONDON — A new Android smartphone browser created to bypass the recently mandated U.K. opt-out porn filters is now available.

Dubbed an “incognito browser,” the "Jerky" app, available in the Google Play store was reportedly created by Steven Goh, who launched the “Go Away Cameron” extension for the Chrome desktop browser, that helped circumvent ISP filters established last year.

The Android Jerky browser allows users to bypass “nanny” filters and blocked websites.

According to the International Business Times, Goh, a Singapore-based computer science graduate, maintained that Jerky is the only browser solely built for private browsing. Goh said the app allows users to bypass any filters put in place by ISPs and never saves browsing history as cookies are deleted.

There’s also a password protect feature that blocks other nosey users from accessing the browser even if it's still running in the background of a phone or tablet.

The Times reported that Jerky’s already been downloaded more than 10,000 times. The app offers a 30-day free trial, and then requires a 99p (about $1.65) monthly subscription.

An iPhone iOS version is on the drawing board, and the developer is looking for 500 people for the beta test.


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