Sponsoring The Feminist Porn Conference

Feb 24, 2014 10:00 AM PST

TORONTO — Feminist porn website has announced that it is sponsoring the 2nd annual Feminist Porn Conference, planned for April 5-6 at the University of Toronto.

"I'm excited that Bright Desire is providing sponsorship for this great event," said Ms. Naughty, film director and owner of the site. "The Feminist Porn Conference is a unique opportunity for progressives to meet and discuss how we can make porn better. It's a chance to hear academics, activists and those within the porn industry talk about ethics, diversity and all the meanings that porn can have. It's also a great chance to network and discuss business."

The company noted that it was nominated for best website at the Feminist Porn Awards and Ms. Naughty's film "Connections," won an Honorable Mention Award in 2013.

"There is some stigma surrounding the word 'feminist' but I'm happy to use it," Ms. Naughty added. "For me, being part of the feminist porn movement is not about excluding men, it's about trying to create a better, more positive and inclusive type of content. Bright Desire caters to both men and women; it aims to showcase a variety of erotic content that goes beyond the usual porn cliches. I think that's why the site is a good match for the conference. We share the same ideals."

Ms. Naughty noted tht she has a chapter detailing her work in "The Feminist Porn Book" and gave a presentation on women and porn at the 2013 conference. She will appear on two panels at the 2014 event.

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