Video: Nightline Looks at 'Personalized Porn' Trend

Feb 28, 2014 7:00 AM PST

NEW YORK — It seems like everyone in this digital "overshare" culture wants to be a porn star – or at least have their own sexual performances caught on camera.

ABC News’ Nightline has reported on the growing trend of “personalized porn,” where everyday couples have their sex acts captured by professional photographers.

In its “Modern Sex in America” series, the story looked at “beyond boudoir” erotic photography spotlighting Brooklyn photographers Eric Vogel and Constance Faulk who are prospering in their newfound business.

Everyday couples are commissioning these shooters to capture their intimate moments to the tune of $4,000 and more for a three-hour session.

The report said the trend — buoyed by the popularity of websites like Cindy Gallop’s — is being fueled by more couples now opting to be filmed for posterity, or to give the photos as gifts to their partners.

“As far as the type of people ... there are born-again Christians, people who you would completely expect to do this, with tattoos,” Vogel told Nightline.

“Then we have people who’ve had cancer and are recovering from that, and that’s always beautiful,” Faulk said.

The shooters said they’re not making porn, but are creating art. In fact, one of the photographers’ pieces has landed in New York’s Museum of Sex — next to a Picasso.


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