Is Dogecoin Horning in on Bitcoin for Porn Payments?

Feb 28, 2014 10:30 AM PST

CYBERSPACE — Dogecoin, a new cryptocurrency, may be horning in on bitcoin as a more “lighthearted” alternate digital means to pay for porn sites.

FOX News has reported that busty Australian porn star Angela White has made a plea on Reddit to accept the virtual currency that surfaced only 100 days ago, as a way for members to pay for her site.

Dogecoin [doge is slang for dog] was reportedly spawned from a popular meme featuring pictures of a dog named, "Shiba Inus."

The digital cash’s technology is similar to bitcoin, but its developers said its exchanges are somewhat faster.

There are reportedly 50 subreddits already using dogecoin contributing to a number of causes.

Dogecoin Foundation member Ben Doernberg told FOX that there are more than 100,000 people using it and that the subreddits are almost at 70,000. "It’s been amazing to watch, but I think the fact that it started as a light-hearted, welcoming community has been what’s made it so successful."

Doernberg said White’s proposal to use dogecoin is “interesting,” and that the currency’s subreddit welcomes everyone. He pointed out that dogecoin has been especially welcoming to women who have not traditionally been cryptocurrency users.

"We feel like, it's a currency — the way some people spend their dollars at church, others spend it in less savory places and ultimately, it's not up to us to decide," Doernberg said.

He explained that there’s also a digital “tipping” function where people can buy real world goods or donate their dogecoins to whatever they want.

White wrote on Reddit, "I was never really interested in cryptocurrencies until dogecoin made it much fun and so community.”

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