New Take on Porn Karaoke Debuts in NYC

Mar 26, 2014 10:00 AM PST

NEW YORK — A new take on the blend of porn and karaoke is making its debut in New York City.

Unlike porn karaoke that's been a regular feature in Porn Valley and Las Vegas where porn stars sing for the audience, “Porn and Karaoke” lets civilian participants add their own ‘oooohs,” “ahhhhhs” and “oh baby” dialogue to 20-second porn clips projected at the R Bar in Manhattan.

The creation of Montreal event planner Sherwin Sullivan Tjia, the concept was brought to the Big Apple by burlesque star Kita St. Cyr, who with two others will judge the best “performers.”

“It’s more funny than sexy,” Tjia told the New York Daily News. He said the idea came to him after seeing a film about actors who do voice-over work in the porn industry. He describes the idea as having more in common with improv than any form of titillation.

The porn clips are randomly chosen, unlike the typical singer chosen songbooks common to regular karaoke.

“You could end up with anything from lesbian porn to pterodactyl porn,” St. Cyr said. “People are not encouraged to stay true to the actual dialogue. It's actually funnier if you're not super-serious. You go up there and make it as ridiculous as you want, or as sexy you want.”

Groups and couples are welcomed to participate and the winner gets a trophy, and a CD of a cat purring noises.

Having every third porn clip replaced with a regular karaoke song controls potential porn overload. And the audience is warned beforehand about porn thay may not want to see. “If this happens, we urge you to close your eyes,” St. Cyr said.

“Porn and Karaoke” begins on March 26 at 8 p.m. at R Bar, 218 Bowery St., Manhattan, New York. Cover charge is $5. Call (212) 334-0484 for more information.


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