BetaBeat: Jessica Drake, Nate Glass Talk Porn Piracy

Apr 7, 2014 5:00 PM PST

CHICAGO — reporter Jordyn Taylor sat down with Jessica Drake and Nate Glass to discuss their recent college lecture tour to discourage porn piracy amongst younger consumers.

Glass is the founder of Takedown Piracy, an organization launched with the intent to combat the illegal piracy of adult content. He teamed up with Wicked contract star Drake when she found her big production film “Fallen” on a tube site almost immediately following its release.

“Nate comes from a different perspective, I come from a different perspective,” Drake told BetaBeat. “We try to make it a very personal thing. It’s a fine line — you don’t want to shame anybody [and say], ‘You’re doing this wrong, we hate you.’ I just try to give a more personal viewpoint, make them understand my side of it, because the majority of them are my fans!”

Last month the duo spoke at the University of Chicago. On April 30, they will head to University of California. Their choice to address the college-age demographic was far from unconscious.

“With young people, they don’t have a lot of disposable income — they have that ‘don’t care’ attitude sometimes,” Glass explained. “When you’re watching that stuff on that tube site, often times it’s not there with consent. That was something I tried to hammer home at University of Chicago: consent. It’s a buzzword for sex positive cultures, about making sure in your relationship you have consent, which I’m all for. But when somebody takes jessica’s movie and uploads it to a tube site, that’s a violation of her consent.”

Entitled “These Two Are Seriously Trying to Get College Bros to Pay For Porn,” the duo's mission is framed by BetaBeat as rather dubious, although no explicit assessment is made.

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