German Neo-Nazi Group Has a Problem With Porn

Apr 8, 2014 12:00 PM PST

BERLIN — A German neo-Nazi group is having a porn problem.

First it was with Kitty Blair, a former porn star who was found out to have performed in an interracial sex scene. Then one of its high-ranking leaders got caught in a photo with a penis-shaped birthday cake.

These developments are rocking the far-right National Democratic Party (NDS), a group that’s regularly been accused of being racist, anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic.

Blair, aka Ina Groll, reportedly left porn to become the face of the party but was kicked out once her scene in “Kitty Discovers Sperm” was discovered. Blair was a Facebook darling, spewing the group’s anti-immigration message.

Shortly after Blair’s embarrassment, party General Secretary Peter Marx — the organization’s second-highest ranking official — got caught being photographed at a birthday party that fearured a penis-shaped cake. The German press jumped all over the revelation dubbing it the “Peniskuchen-Affäre.”

Marx ultimately resigned his position. But it seems like he had a soft spot for porn all along, as he reportedly was key in bringing Blair into the party.

The top neo-Nazi called Blair’s photos “unsavory.”

German porn director John Thompson who runs GGG, the studio that produced “Kitty Discovers Sperm” said a number of German porn producers are now blackballing Blair because of her radical political position.

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