Barnett Pens Critique of BBC's 'Porn: What's the Harm'

Apr 11, 2014 2:30 PM PST

LONDON — Jerry Barnett of U.K.'s Sex & Censorship gave his take on last night's BBC3 documentary on pornography titled "Porn: What's the Harm."

Barnett, in his column on the Sex & Censorship website, said the network showed "a whole hour of porn panic."

Barnett said the program "was never going to be an unbiased look at the issue," and that its presenter, Jameela Jamil, has long made clear her dislike of pornography.

"The program was as full of misinformation and panic as we expected," Barnett said in the column.

"Barely a minute passed without Jamil making clear her shock, horror and disgust: 'Unbelievably explicit sex acts,' 'In the homes, in the minds, in the lives of our children,' 'This is unbelievable,' 'Ordinary families have to deal with this every day,' 'Countless children have already been exposed to shocking images,' 'I’m horrified,' 'Bombarded with these pornographic images,' and on and on and on," Barnett said.

"Porn: What’s The Harm" is available online in the U.K. here. It is available elsewhere on YouTube here

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