'Little Miss Flexible' Jenna J. Ross Makes Steady Climb in Porn

Apr 16, 2014 3:15 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Jenna J. Ross admits there were lots of signs that she someday might find her way into adult entertainment.

“I’ve always been a sexual being, that I’ve known,” Ross told XBIZ. “I went to a performing arts-type school and looking back at some of the classes I took I should have known I was headed for porn.”

The Boston native studied lighting design and photography in high school and can even develop her own photos in a dark room. Photography is one of her passions to this day.

“I came in with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the production side of porn,” Ross said. “That’s not to say I know everything, but I do know how light plays off the body and that did make modeling a lot easier for me.

“Of course as you learn a new skill or hobby, you perfect your craft with practice.”

It turns out that Ross also had her share of “practice” in the sex area before making the leap into adult.

“I had sex all over my high school campus,” she recalled. “I had sex in the snow, which is not fun... in the boiler room, on a baby grand piano in music practice, in the photo lab, the library. I did it in the craziest places before porn.”

Now two-and-a-half years, 60-something movies and dozens of internet scenes into her adult film career, Ross is well-established as a performer who is as versatile as she is flexible. A former gymnast, cheerleader and figure skater, Ross can bend over backwards with the best of them. She said one of her all-time top scenes was an outing with Bruce Venture for Porn Pros that was titled “Little Miss Flexible.”

“Yes, I can do acrobatic tricks while having sex,” Ross said matter-of-factly. “I like to deliver a unique and different performance.”

But she also has another porn calling card. The petite star is pound-for-pound one of the industry’s best deep-throat performers — her scene in “Down the Throat” from New Sensations is Exhibit A.

“I’ve always deep-throated, since the very first time I gave a blowjob. I thought you were supposed to put the whole thing in your mouth,” Ross said. “It didn’t occur to me until I started watching other girls’ scenes and thinking, why isn’t she putting the whole thing in her mouth? Then I came to realize it was a skill that not everyone had. ... ‘Down the Throat’ is a deep-throat-focused movie and it’s one of my most talked about. I absolutely love that video.”

In fact Ross has become a regular at New Sensations/Digital Sin, where she is booked this week, as well as Girlfriends Films, where she already has more than a dozen credits, including four editions of the “Road Queen” series.  

“I really like Girlfriends Films as a whole,” Ross said. “I like how the company runs and their products. ‘Road Queen’ is a fun experience. It’s about a woman who’s traveling around the country picking up women. It’s gritty and more about the sex. So I get to really fuck. It’s down and dirty.”

Ross, who is represented by Matrix Models, earned a Best Supporting Actress nomination for a 2014 XBIZ Award for her performance in “Homecoming” for the Skow for Girlfriends Films line.

“That was the very first feature role I ever did, so being nominated for it, I didn’t really expect it but I knew I could act,” she said.

In the past year Ross also has emerged as one of the go-to models for X-Art.com, which flew her to South America in late March for the Erotika Brazil convention. She said X-Art ranks among her favorite companies.

“They genuinely just want to make beautiful, pretty porn and they want to bring an experience to their audience that makes you feel something,” Ross said. “We get along very well because we have the same goals.”  

And when it comes to what she does under the lights, Ross’s goal simply is “to make great porn.”

“I’ve never, ever gotten into anything and done it half-assed. I’m very competitive. I’ve been a competitive athlete all my life,” Ross said. “I strive to be the best I can be in any environment I’m in. I just want to be the best Jenna I can possibly be. I gotta be myself.”

Ross keeps things real when she takes to the airwaves, too. Currently, her internet radio show “COCKtails” with fellow performer Allison Moore is on a hiatus, but it’s expected to soon re-launch with Temptation Radio.

“We have different cocktails each week and we just discuss different aspects of the porn industry,” Ross said. “All our guests are either producers, directors or talent. We have roundtable discussions while drinking cocktails. Alcohol always makes truth come out.”

When she’s not doing a photo shoot or performing, Ross might be watching “Dance Moms,” “Pretty Little Liars” or “South Park,” which she counts among her favorite shows.

She’s also an avid reader of non-fiction books — and a gamer.

“I just got a PS3,” she said before leaving for Brazil. “So I’m a bit of a video game whore.”

Not to mention, she's well-traveled, trekking all over Europe as a kid with her parents, who are psychologists. More than anything, she says she loves what she's doing and plans to take her porn career as far as she can.

“It’s been a continuous climb that’s for sure, but I’m climbing and that’s what matters,” Ross said. “I’m always going to try to achieve the best possible outcome for myself and keep getting better and keep producing quality porn.”

She added, “I’ve always said 2014 was going to be a great year. As long as I keep motivating myself and stay focused on being a better porn star and person, I can only go up and it’s only going to get better from here.”

Photo courtesy of Erotica X.

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