2 Fetish Porn Performers Charged With Animal Cruelty

Apr 18, 2014 12:30 PM PST

MIAMI — Two adult performers in Florida were arrested this month on cruelty to animals charges.

Megan Jones, who entered the adult entertainment industry in 2005 and was cast in about 100 XXX titles, was arrested this week while trying to board a plane at Miami International Airport.

Jones was charged with five felony counts of cruelty to animals in what Miami-Dade police say was a fetish film where she is alleged to have crushed live fish with “her hands and feet” while exposing her crotch and talking to the fish. She also is alleged to have repeatedly shot several rats, and then set fire to a pile of the mortally wounded animals.

Jones' arrest comes after authorities charged another adult performer, Gloria Shynez, with eight felony counts of animal cruelty for allegedly decapitating and beating animals as part of another fetish video.

Shynez allegedly karate-chopped rabbits in the neck as they howled in pain, beat chickens to death with a stick, and cut a chicken's neck with hedge clippers while groping a man's genitals.

Miami-Dade police said both women shot the videos for Adam Redford, a South Florida fishing boat captain who is described as a fetish pornographer who specializes in animal "crush" torture.

Redford was arrested last year in Florida after PETA brought law enforcement's attention to his videos. Redford is listed as a co-defendant in Jones' case, but he has not been arrested again. He recently concluded probation for misdemeanor animal cruelty charges.

On her Instagram account, Jones posted a photo of her with Shynez, “#PartnersInCrime.”

Jones, according to the Miami Herald, told a Miami-Dade County judge that her alleged crimes are outside the statute of limitations.

Jones appears before a judge on Monday, Shynez on Thursday.

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