Sex Tracker 'Nipple' App Trending

Apr 21, 2014 10:45 AM PST

CYBERSPACE — A new addition to the growing number of sex tracking apps, “Nipple,” has been receiving positive reviews for its bright and playful aesthetic, and possibly its charming broken English.

Officially launched at SXSW, the Italian-based startup helmed by CEO Matteo Sarzana gives users the opportunity to log the details of their sexual experiences using cute little emojis (typical euphemisms apply — a BJ is represented by a mouth chowing down on a banana).

Nipple allows users to register anonymously or publicly, giving other users open access to your info. Public users can earn points for the number of sexual encounters they record; the three highest ranking users at the end of the week are posted on the site’s landing page. Interestingly, this week’s top “performers” list features two women, including the number one spot. You go, augirl329!  

“There are certain events, like SXSW, where you may have a lot of sex and then maybe a year later, two years later, you don’t remember having done it,” Sarzana told the DailyDot. “And maybe you want to use Nipple to help you remember.”

Sarzana was demystifying the app’s original launch ad — a cartoon woman’s vagina opening a beer, accompanied by the slogan “Free beers will increase your chances to have sex, but won’t help you remember it.” — which puzzled many and sent the Jezebel army fuming.

According to Sarzana, the app can be used not only as a sort of sexual scrapbook, to recall tender and, apparently, boozy and hazy evenings, the info can also be used to improve one’s own performance.

And, as reviewers have noted, personalized notes help you remember your partner’s unique preferences so you never forget the cat o’ nine tails at home again. The site emphasizes the point, “Does she or he like anal and have fun with ropes? This is something you should remember!”

Logged experiences are converted into what the app makers refer to as “fancy datas,” but which really resemble a Mad Libs type summary.     

“People who are in the younger generation, 18-20, have different feelings about sex,” Sarzana said, echoing the inspiration of other sex app makers. “They’re very open about it and they see it as an important part of their life, as it should be. So we think if there’s an app to track the food you eat, the steps you’ve taken, the places you’ve been, people will use an app that tracks their sex lives.”

Currently in beta, the site says that if/when it reaches 50K registered users, it will give away a free trip to Las Vegas to the best tweet it receives.   

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