Video: Diesel Lures Porn Viewers to Fashion Campaign

Apr 23, 2014 12:30 PM PST

HONG KONG — Diesel not only may have the best in denim fashion, it also gets the nod for creative marketing through social media.

Diesel's advertising agency, Fred & Farid Shanghai, recently launched "Diesel Erotica," a stunt to find Chinese Internet users who might be looking for porn — and to learn about Diesel's fashions — all through a bit torrent file with disguised Italian pornography.

Called a "smart, quick, simple, zero-investment hack," Diesel's campaign resulted in 5,000 reposts, 2,000 comments and 73,000 downloads of "Diesel Erotica" files.

"Diesel Erotica," featuring an exotic dancer, rapper Brooke Candy and model Tessa Kuragi, was  disguised as Italian pornography and promoted on Chinese file-sharing networks that offer porn and off-shore porn forums.

The ad agency compressed "Diesel Erotica" pictures and videos into one zip file, named it "Italian XXX" and converted the zip file into a bit torrent tile.

It then uploaded the bit torrent file online and asked a well known fashion-industry leader to download it.  As soon as he downloaded it, an auto-generated message was "accidentally" shared on his social media — "xxx has downloaded xxxx.torrent" file."

The message went viral, triggering followers to spread all over micro-blogging site Sina Weibo. Even famous Japanese porn star Ruka Kanae reposted it.

Fred & Farid's video explaining "Diesel Erotica" is available here.


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