Twitter UK Sales Chief: 'Social Media Has Beaten Porn'

May 9, 2014 3:00 PM PST

LONDON — Sales director of Twitter UK, Dara Nasr, believes that the porn world is now playing according to social media’s rules.

"What’s important is that, funnily enough, porn is using social in a responsible way now,” Nasr said at this year's Media360 conference at part of its Media360 Challenge. The challenge required chosen representatives to argue for the primacy of different types of media, including TV, print, radio, mobile, outdoor and social.

He pointed to Pornhub’s recent Earth Day marketing pitch, "I’m reliably informed that PornHub is a major video streaming site,” he said. “They are saying that for every hundred videos streamed, they will plant a tree."

Nasr also added that while porn was the Internet’s “number one leisure pursuit” since the Internet’s advent, it was superseded by social media in 2013.

"Social wins," Nasr joked. "So, social is a force for good."

"It did fantastically well for engagement, but seriously, people are using social all the time,” Nasr said. “Every single day in the UK, 62 million hours are spent by Britons on social media sites. And that number is going up. So it’s everywhere it’s everyone, all the time."

In the challenge, each representative was allowed six minutes and three slide to argue for their medium.

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