Lovehoney: Well-Educated People Have Less Sex, Enjoy Bondage

May 22, 2014 12:00 PM PST

BATH, U.K. — Well-educated people have less sex than those who have not gone to college, according to new research by sex toy company Lovehoney.

According to a survey of 2,000 people, commissioned by U.K.-based Lovehoney, almost one in seven people (13 percent) who did not study at university are having sex at least once a day — compared to just 10 percent of graduates.

Those with no letters after their name also tend to have more notches on their bedpost. Some 23 percent of non-academic types have had up to 10 lovers, while that figure is at just 20 percent for the more cerebral among us.

Graduates are more monogamous, with more than a quarter (27 percent) having had just one or two sexual partners — compared to 21 percent of people without a degree.

Non-graduates are more adventurous in their choice of location, with 77 percent having sex “al fresco,” compared with only 70 percent  of university-goers. They are also more likely to have indulged in a threesome — 22 percent compared to under a fifth of graduates (19 percent).

It appears all that study and brain exertion leaves graduates tired: three-quarters of them would rather their partner was on top during sex, while a third of non-grads insist on taking the top position.

However, it seems that clever clogs are also kinkier — 66 percent have tried out bondage, with 44 percent reportedly “loving it.” Non-graduates with a penchant for handcuffs and chains were far fewer, at 37 percent.

“Evidently non-graduates are far more into action than the written word, and are putting their spare leisure time to the perfect pleasure pursuit,” a Lovehoney spokesperson said. “As they make love more often, it makes sense they will go for more variety. Although the more educated types appear to put greater thought into love play, as the bondage statistics suggest.”

Lovehoney reports that its sales of S&M products shot up by 70 percent since “Fifty Shades of Grey” awakened dormant kinksters across the globe. The film version of the erotic trilogy is slated to release next year.

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