Q&A: Dr. Sadie Allison Pens 'Undercover Clitoris' Sex-Help Guide

Jun 7, 2014 12:00 PM PST

SAN FRANCISCO — Tickle Kitty Press founder Dr. Sadie Allison has taken up the pen again for the benefit of all us patriotic Clitoral-Americans in her latest sex-help guide, “The Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris.”   

Her first literary effort directed expressly at the fellas, “Undercover Clitoris” tells readers what they ought to know about pushing their lady’s most important button, but probably need a sexual professional to spell out to really drive it home — and the “Dr.” epithet tends to validate common sense advice like, “slow down, communicate, SLOW DOWN, etc.”

Allison’s latest how-to project is chock full of such facepalmisms, but also provides inquiring gentleminds with some specific tactical knowledge — including an illustrated anatomical guide of all relevant lady parts (you may know that the clit has a hood, but did you know it had legs?).

Flip through the pages, and the pictures get racier — make it to page 53 without overheating and you will have reached “An Illustrated Guide to Clitoral Loving,” which presents 10 up-close-and-personal illustrated finger-touching techniques filed under catchy names like 8th Wonder of the World, Walk of Fame and Velvet Sideswipe.

With the basics down, the book climaxes with an illustrated set of sexual positions designed for optimal clitoral stimulation. Allison prefaces the chapter, “You’ll surely agree how magnificently your erect penis aligns with your lover’s excited vagina. But what if your loving partner doesn’t see it exactly the same way? What if, thanks to an odd quirk of biology, the one very special matchup she loves and craves is too often left out of the mix.” Allison doesn’t leave us hanging. That “very special matchup,” direct clitoral stimulation, can be achieved by taking matters into our own hands by something as simple as slightly tweaking common positions.

While “Undercover Clitoris” offers good and practical insight into touching the clitoris and its neighboring territories, it doesn’t extend so much as finger of help for those looking to pleasure it orally, save one bullet point: “Be ambidextrous … Wiggle your tongue, wag your penis, nudge your nose, bring in a sex toy (or two!)” While this odd omission isn’t directly addressed, Chapter 9 outlines safer sex practices — which includes limiting fluid-to-fluid contact.

“The Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris,” inviting with its mock-noir comic book cover, is ideal for guys looking for an introductory guide to tactile clitoral play, or for women looking to inspire clit-forward dialog with an uncommunicative or misinformed lover. With the looming stat that 80-90 percent of women do not orgasm from penetration alone, it's in everyone's best interest to take a moment to do some clitoral sleuthing. 

XBIZ caught up with author and Tickly Kitty Press CEO and founder Dr. Sadie Allison to get the undercover scoop on the “Undercover Clitoris.”

You say a lot of women asked you for this book — Why do you think that is? Was that your primary inspiration when deciding to pursue the project?

There’s an old joke that goes like this: 'What's the difference between a bar and a clitoris? Most men have no trouble finding a bar.' There’s a good reason that’s an old joke. Because when a guy can’t find, or doesn’t know how to please his lover’s clitoris, she’s naturally going to be frustrated. Then she’s got two choices: be a teacher, or suffer in silence. Either way, it’s uncomfortable, and apparently common, because I heard about it from woman of all ages. It came up it in varying degrees so often, I decided to play coach and make life easier on everyone. Now my book simply needs to find its way into a guy’s hands, and his fingers instantly become instruments of pleasure. The transformation is astounding.

What does “guy speak” entail? Can you give me some examples? How did you channel the male mind? Have you had any guys read the book and give you feedback?

I’ve written most of my bestsellers until now for women and men together. Sometimes their needs and motivations are the same, oftentimes they’re not, which makes the writing trickier. Here, I wrote purely to guys, who are generally mechanical, straightforward and have one thing on their minds. The challenge was to bridge the gender divide to help them become more aware of the finesse that most women need, yet in a way guys will respond to. Here’s an example of my approach from the book: 'There are several reasons why women take longer to warm up. And if you take a moment to understand them, and accommodate them, you’ll discover the true seductive magic of a woman’s erotic awakening — if you can somehow keep your autopilot fly from unzipping itself.' That’s pure guy speak—wrapped around a concept near and dear to every woman I’ve ever met.

Apparently it’s working, according to book reviews from guys on TickleKitty.com and Amazon.com. Here’s one of my favorites: “A really effective guide! My wife is now very VERY happy!”

Did you have to do novel research for this book? Like, clitoris-specific research?

Being a Clitoral American, as well as America’s Pleasure Coach, I know a great many of the concepts and touches inherently. Yet because I am so close to the topic, I was also determined not to fall into the trap of communicating in a way that would send guys flipping right to the illustrations, bypassing the all-important tips in the text. So I interviewed both women and men, and developed a strategy that would keep guys glued to the information – and motivated to try it. Specifically, I show how being a generous, caring lover comes right back to you when you share passion fearlessly. This is something I’ve always preached, but was reinforced during the book’s research. My goal is to first get lovers in synch, because that’s when the best clitoral caresses feel even more inspired.

Can you give us a little deeper insight into the “spy” plot that frames the material?

I’d love to, but to be honest, it’s really just a frame and a dame! If I’d have designed a cover showing a happy pillow-talking couple beneath a title like, “Clitoral Stroking Techniques,” guys would have run, women would have winced and you wouldn’t be interviewing me!

Who did the illustrations? 

The astoundingly talented Andrew Wislocki. Not only is he an extraordinary illustrator, but judging by the details in his work, a lover of women as well!

"The Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris — Orgasmic Fingertip Touching Every Woman Craves" can be found at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, TickleKitty.com and pleasure boutiques nationwide. It’s also available in DRM e-Book format at the major e-retailers and the company website.

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