'Dildo Generator' Makes 3D Dildo Printing Simple

Jun 13, 2014 2:00 PM PST

BERLIN — Through the magic of 3D printing, Dildo Generator lets end-users design (the simple) dildos of their dreams.  

Mildly addicting and definitely entertaining, the generator allows would-be customers to play around (no, not like that) with a 3D virtual phallic model. That’s right — you can pull, pinch and bend (up to 180 degrees!) the model to adjust its height, circumference and shape until you achieve your ideal companion. Er, dildo.    

Vice Magazine, which first reported on the site, noted that the project’s edge lies in its accessibility, relative to similar, but more complicated, services.

“It was the aim to print something more useful instead of printing small figurines to put on your windowsill,” Berlin-based programmer Ikaros Kappler, who helms the project, told Vice. “Oh, and I love Bézier curves!”  

Because of the product’s intended intimate use, Kappler recommends printing a mold of the desired pseudo phallus to be filled with medical-grade silicone at a 3D printing shop or, if you’re a dedicated DIY-er at home.

Directly printed dildos come out in PLA (polyactic acid), a hard and brittle material obviously not ideal for dildo making.

Kappler says he is now looking into developing other printable sex toys, explaining, “I visited some sex shops and got inspired to make generators for more than just dildos. There is some cool and fancy stuff people start to do when it comes to sex, and it should only afford some smaller modifications to the code.”    

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