Gay Porn Star Plans to Shoot Scenes in Every State

Jun 16, 2014 10:00 AM PST

CYBERSPACE — Gay porn star and blogger Colby Keller wants to shoot scenes in every state and he’s seeking $35,000 in Indiegogo funding to make it happen.

The “Big Shoe Diaries" columnist said he’s had millions of visitors come to the blog for the fan-curated collection of “I See Penis” posts, "Get in Bed with Colby Keller" sex advice videos, fan art,artist interviews, poetry contests, "Boys with Beards," "Guys with Glasses" and more.

Colby's now ready to buy a van, a mattress and a camera and travel across the country to make his "Big Shoe Adventure" a reality.

“I'll meet all my amazing fans, blog my adventures, collaborate with other artists and make videos in every state.Remember when Sufjan Stevens said he wanted to make an album for every state?  Well, I plan to make a porn in every state (and whatever they call states in Canada-jk! jk!). . . and I'll do it in less than a year,” Colby said in his crowdfunding plea.

Contributors to the cause can get among other perks, a post card for $20 at the low end, and a tour with Keller and BTS appearance in the films for an $11,000 donation.

Cash-poor supporters are asked to promote his quest on social media and “Tell their gay boss or gay porn-loving lesbian neighbor.”

At post time Keller has raised more than $8,000.


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