Orgasmatronics Develops ‘Bionic Strap-on’

Jun 16, 2014 10:15 AM PST

DENVER — Orgasmatronics Inc. has announced a crowdfunding campaign for the manufacturing of the Ambrosia Vibe — a strap-on dildo that acts as an active organ rather than a static piece of silicone.

The Ambrosia transmits a signal when "stimulated" and delivers a corresponding vibration to the wearer, the company says. It was developed by a former quantum physicist who is known by the pseudonym Dr. X. Treme.

According to the company, Dr. X’s resume includes a PhD in applied physics from Yale, a math/physics double degree from Berkeley, developing several technologies from concept to application in the quantum electronics field, and managiing science research projects for the federal government. He later co-founded Orgasmatronics and invented the X1 Orgasmatron, a device that utilizes physics to transform the way dildos can be controlled.

Orgasmatronics’ latest creation, the Ambrosia Vibe, uses a “sense vein” running up the underside of the dildo, which senses pressure, rubbing, pushing, or sucking. The pressure applied to the dildo is transmitted via a tube to the control box where it is measured and then transferred to the vibrator in the base of the strap-on. The speed of the vibrations is directly correlated to the pressure applied. The strap-on is designed to have the base up against the glans of the wearer’s clitoris, so they should feel the stimulation. In addition, the Ambrosia Vibe is made with body-safe silicone and is dishwasher safe.

“One of the most liberating uses for technology in general is to free individuals from the constraints of their bodies, whether it’s letting us see things hundreds of miles away, fly, or live underwater,” Dr. X. Treme said. “Our technology lets people not born with a biological penis have a richer experience as they play with sensation of their new ‘organ.’ We hope that this improves people’s lives and makes them happier with whatever their sexual and gender identities are.”

The Ambrosia Vibe’s Indiegogo campaign can be found here.

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