'Phone Sex Cop' Launches Lingerie Store

Jul 1, 2014 1:30 PM PST

PHILADEPLHIA — Philadelphia cop Terra Barrow, previously put on blast for her sexy side job as a phone sex operator, has launched a new venture as a “Cutie Off Duty,” selling lingerie and blogging about adult topics.

When The Daily News raised a ruckus about Officer Barrow’s off-duty phone canoodling and website operations in February, the active-duty cop insisted that she had quit her side biz more than two years ago, fearing that it might not mesh with her police work. Barrow, 35, joined the force in 1999. 

However, Internal Affairs investigated Barrow’s case and found that there were no specific police guidelines barring employees from pursuing external legal work, leaving Barrow punishment-free.

Empowered by the investigation’s outcome, Barrow launched her recent online lingerie store CutieOffDuty.com and “The Cutie Chronicles” blog, where she says, “We talk about everything from bedroom behavior to strong women and everything in between. Our judgment free zone with no limits or restrictions. You can just be you.”

“The ‘adult content’ explores bedroom behavior, as well as other topics most would consider taboo,” Barrow’s publicist Angel Willis said.

The president of Philadelphia’s Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 John McNesby feels that Barrow’s site has crossed the line and now wants to change the police code to make it a formal breach of the rules.

“There’s got to be some kind of line drawn about what’s appropriate for off-duty behavior,” McNesby explained. “You either want to be a police officer or you want to be in the lingerie business. I don’t begrudge anybody making money off-duty, but this doesn’t fit in with police work.”   

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