4 More Porn Domains Ordered Transferred to XVideos, XNXX

Jul 7, 2014 1:00 PM PST

LAS VEGAS — The parent company of XVideos.com and XNXX.com has snagged four more adult tube site domains in four more UDRP cases.

The latest websites ordered transferred to WGCZ S.R.O. of Las Vegas — New-XVideos.com, XNXXNow.com, New-XNXX.com and HQXNXX.com — are all highly trafficked tube sites offering adult fare.

Each of the sites were found to be cybersquatting in four separate WIPO arbitration cases involving the same sole panelist.

WGCZ in recent weeks also has been granted transfers of other tube sites as well, including X-Videos.com and HD-XVideos. The holding company has lost cases to operators of XXNX.com and X-Videos.com, as well.

In each of the four new cases, respondents failed to reply to WGCZ's accusations, and arbitrators ruled that each of the websites were registered and used the site in bad faith because the names were similar to either "XNXX" or "XVideos" because the names shared common characteristics to the brands.

WGCZ has held the a U.S. trademark on its XVideos brand since 2012 and its XNXX brand since 2013.

Defendants in the cases included Jose Rodriguez of Cordoba, Argentina (New-XVideos.com); Ivan Makarov of Sverdlovsk, Russia (New-XNXX.com); Marcel Pondi of Akcha, Afghanistan (XNXXNow.com); and EvoPlus Ltd. of London (HQXNXX.com).

WGCZ was represented in each of its cases, all filed in April, by Randazza Legal Group.

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