Video: Svakom Releases 'Gaga' Internal Camera, Vibrator

Jul 11, 2014 9:00 AM PST

SHANGHAI — Going deep with your partner has just taken on a whole new meaning with Svakom’s new Gaga vibrator — an “intelligent intimate lifestyle product” that doubles as an internal camera.

Likened to a vaginal GoPro by sexual pundits, the cam from the China-based adult manufacturer features a light to illuminate and record your most nether recesses, and perhaps share it with a lover, whether they are next to you or miles away.

“Gaga is designed for women’s healthcare,” the somewhat ill-translated product video explains, “It shares the exclusive right of gynecologist with you, not only making you a better understanding and attention to your lover, but also adding much fun for you.”

The footage can be viewed by plugging the vibe into a computer via a USB port (which also charges it), and the device can even be controlled and viewed remotely using a Smartphone app.

Gaga is available in Khaki, Violet and Black and can purchased through Svakom for $180.  

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