Russian Authorities Push to Keep Moscow's Coat of Arms Out of Porn Movies

Jul 14, 2014 11:30 AM PST

MOSCOW — Authorities in Moscow are in the process of making it illegal for porn producers to show the city’s coat of arms in hardcore films, The Moscow Times reported today.

The coat of arms features a medieval depiction of a dragon being slain by St. George, the patron saint of the city's founder, viking prince Yury Dolgoruky.

Behind the ban is the city's cultural heritage department, which regulates the use of state symbols in business endeavors, according to the Interfax news agency.

If the ban is approved, the coat of arms will also be restricted from appearing within visual contexts of violence or foul language.

Last week a federal lawmaker pushed for a redesign of Russia's 100-ruble bill because the current version features a penis, which the lawmaker decried as pornographic.

The bill depicts the facade of Moscow's famous Bolshoi Theater, which is adorned with a statue of the mythological god Apollo — in the buff.

During a recent renovation on the actual theatre, Apollo’s member was sheathed with a fig leaf, presumably to protect his and theatre-goers' modesty.

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