Stuart Canterbury Pens Porn-Themed Comic Novel, 'Turning Blue'

Jul 14, 2014 3:30 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Veteran adult director Stuart Canterbury has penned and published a comical e-book, titled “Turning Blue.”

Canterbury says his new book is a work of fiction, about a cutthroat adult producer involved in an ongoing conflict with the hottest porn star in the Valley.

“Inspiration has been drawn from real-life situations and characters, but everything has been fictionalized,” Canterbury explained “A lot of what is written about the industry is sensational or titillating, but this novel shows how outrageously funny it all is. People have always asked me about the day-to-day process of production, and this novel goes behind the scenes, not only onto the set, but also into the executive offices where and how the deals are done.”

The synopsis reads, "Adult movie producer Travis Lazar is a man who will always do the right thing, when he has exhausted all other possibilities. Tiffany West is the hottest porn star in the San Fernando valley in Los Angeles.... And they hate each other.

"When Travis pitches his next movie to Beppo the Bear, a burnt-out mobster who has known Travis since times better left unmentioned, Beppo wants Travis to cast Tiffany West as the lead....

"What begins as a favor for Beppo the Bear leads the producer straight through the Vice Squad to the Dreamboat project, a blockbuster movie for the biggest mogul in the business and, finally, to the Best Picture nomination at the prestigious annual awards in Las Vegas."

Canterbury brings his perspective as an adult insider, who has worked in the biz for almost 30 years and has 300 major feature films to his credit.

With a string of awards and nominations, he has produced and directed titles for leading studios like Penthouse, Hustler, Brazzers, Adam & Eve, Arrow, Video Marc Dorcel and others. His career has spanned decades from the inception of videotape to the digital age, he notes.

“Turning Blue” is available exclusively on Kindle through Amazon. Check it out here.

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