'Manson Family XXX' Wraps Production

Jul 28, 2014 11:00 AM PST

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Principle production has been completed on “Manson Family XXX” from director Will Ryder. The controversial movie is entering the editing process and slated for a September release. 

Coinciding with the news, NBC has just announced a new TV series about the Manson Family called “Manson Aquarius,” which will star Hollywood veteran David Duchovny.

"I am in no way glorifying murder and neither is NBC Television," explained Ryder, who is best known for his wholesome, light-hearted adult parodies of the “Brady Bunch,” “Cosby Show,” “Grease” and “The Wizard of Oz.” Some have criticized his decision to take on the Manson story, given its brutal underpinnings.    

Ryder says that while some have questioned his fascination with the twisted American cult tale, he feels that “Manson XXX” represents his habitual nature of skirting the cutting edge in film production.

“Some people take great offense at the very thought of this movie,” Ryder said. “I'm telling parts of the Manson Family story just like the writers and producers of over 80 books, movies and television documentaries have told over the years. Just because we are in the porn business, [it] shouldn't restrict us from telling stories or showcasing a viewpoint — however controversial."

The cast for “Manson XXX” will be announced when the first movie trailer is revealed later in August.   

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