Aurora Snow Blasts Facebook for Shutting Porn Star Accounts

Aug 4, 2014 8:00 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — Adult performer Aurora Snow wants to know why Facebook discriminates against porn stars?

Snow sounded off in a The Daily Beast column claiming that the social media giant closed her account three times and simply wants to know why it shuts out adult stars when they abide by all of the rules?

“Maybe it’s the hard nipples protruding from a silk shirt or the Wonder Woman pose in lingerie? Or perhaps it’s the shock of seeing a bubble butt popping out of a skimpy bikini? It could be offensive language. You know, like, ‘Have a naughty Saturday’ or ‘come play with my pussy’ (with a picture of a kitty cat),” Snow wrote.

She also lamented about tame bikini photos being the cause of the accounts being yanked that caused her to lose irreplaceable photos from mobile uploads, and friends’ information that users count on for being there forever.

“Maybe my photos were flagged by a religious zealot trying to save my soul, or perhaps one of my ‘friends’ wrote a derogatory comment beneath it. I wrote the word ‘ass’ on a Twitter post that linked to my Facebook account and was shut down shortly thereafter,” Snow penned.

Not one to back down, Snow said Facebook ignored her inquiries, instead sending her an automated response promising to follow up which never happened. She also pointed out that its policies are simply unclear, often letting supposed banned violent images slip through while bikini shots are flagged. “Context matters,” Snow wrote.

She also cited other adult stars like adult star Tanya Tate, who's had problems with Facebook because of a complaint about her page (and a photo of her in a bra), and Cindy Starfall who had to tone down her Maxim-style bikini shots just to remain open. “I only have 8,000 [likes] so far, so I am going to try to tone it down even more so it’s just face shots,” Starfall said.

Snow also noted that some stars believe the more likes they get, the more likely they’ll get deleted.

Despite Facebook’s huge popularity and benefit to porn stars, Snow said that Twitter’s creative freedom – especially for those under 30 — might just be the go-to social media for adult performers if Facebook continues to take the “fun” out of its platform.

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