'Clerks' Director Kevin Smith Merges Porn, Canada in New Comedy

Aug 7, 2014 3:30 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Indie auteur Kevin Smith of “Clerks” and “Jay and Silent Bob” fame, recently announced that he is developing a new series about a famous porn star who decides to return to his roots … in buttfucknowheresville, Brantford, Ontario.

That’s right, Smith is merging porno and eastern Canada for “Prons,” which he hopes to shoot on-location.

“My love affair with Canada continues,” Smith said when he announced the project Tuesday. The L.A.-based director previously starred in and produced a movie review web series called “Spoilers” for Canada's The Comedy Network. Too add to "Prons'" authenticity, Smith has teamed up with Brantford native Aaron Smith, who is co-writing the show.  

The show is slated to air on the Canadian pay-TV channel, The Movie Network.

According to CBC Canada, the response from Brantford locals has been “overwhelmingly positive,” despite the explicit underpinnings of the show’s plot, with some residents even offering Smith and company places to crash.

One Brantford-based fan tweeted Smith under the handle @theKnag, “Dude. We here in Brantford are super excited! To think, a show that states people voluntarily paid to see one of us have sex!”

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