B. Cumming Co. Celebrates 35 Years in Business

Aug 20, 2014 2:45 PM PST

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — B. Cumming Co., the makers of the Elbow Grease brand of personal massage creams and gels, announced that it is celebrating its 35th anniversary this month.

From its humble beginnings in the garage of the founder's house in August of 1979, to becoming a marketplace leader, B Cumming Co. says its family of brands are “here to stay.”

In commemoration of the anniversary, the company is offering retailers additional marketing material and foil samples for in-store use.

"The secret to our success is quality, consistency and listening to the feedback of our valued customers," said David Mazer, owner and co-founder of B Cumming Co. "We began our 35th year on Aug. 1, making us the oldest, trusted brand available. What sets Elbow Grease apart is that it is the original.”

The manufacturer says its first product, Elbow Grease Original cream, remains one of its most popular products, but its offerings have branched out to cover a broad range of lifestyles and sexual orientations. In addition to the original formula, Elbow Grease Creams also encompass Light, Hot and Cool formulations, as well as water-based gels, Elbow Grease H2O. The H2O brand was recently reformulated based on customer feedback and is now paraben-free and reportedly slicker.

B Cumming also offers Fusion Silicone Bodyglides and Encounter for women. Fusion is available in three varieties to suit user preference. The Encounter line for women features five formulas and five flavored gels, which are all paraben-free, pH balanced and certified vegan.

"Our customers are our most valuable asset," continued Mazer. "We've based our collection on their input, and feel we now offer something for every lifestyle without over saturating the market with unnecessary product.”

Referencing his commemorative offer of foil samples for retailers, Mazer said, “Our sales reflect that stores who offer samples of our product see an increase in the sales of our brands and repeat traffic."

For more information about the B Cumming family of brands or to request marketing materials and samples, contact a local distributor or email jen@elbowgreaselubricants.com or nef@elbowgreaselubricants.com.

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