ATVOD Targets 74 Porn Sites for Rule 11 Violations

Sep 9, 2014 10:15 AM PST

LONDON — Video-on-demand regulator ATVOD has found 74 adult websites to be in breach of Rule 11, the U.K. statute that requires operators to make sure those under 18 can't access hardcore porn.

The 74 websites targeted in formal complaints involve two companies, Baron Media Ltd. and Exxxtreme Entertaiment Ltd., which had the lion's share of the sites operating 73 of them in a linkable network.

The cases against Baron Media and Exxxtreme Entertainment now go before Ofcom for consideration of a sanction, a procedure which can lead to operators being fined.

Both of the companies, ATVOD said, broke statutory rules by first allowing unrestricted access to hardcore material such as promos and trailers.

Secondly, the regulator said, access to the full videos was open to any visitor who paid a fee using payment methods such as debit cards. The payment methods, however, were faulty because they could be used by under 18s, ATVOD said.

"As the services accepted payment methods – such as debit cards – which can be used by under 18s, ATVOD held that each service had also failed to put in place effective access controls in relation to the full videos," the regulator said in a statement.

ATVOD noted that other payment services by the adult companies requiring no age verification were employed, including bank wires, pay by telephone and pay by mobile.

Both services also failed to become "fully compliant in accordance with a timetable set by ATVOD."

On Tuesday, ATVOD chief executive Pete Johnson said that the findings against Exxxtreme Entertainment's operations affected all of its network porn sites, which run the gamut in terms of niches.

"The Extreme Movie Pass service is the most extensive porn service we have found to be in breach of the statutory rules that apply to U.K. video on demand services," Johnson told XBIZ. "It comprised 73 linked porn websites available under a common subscription."

Sites found in breach of Rule 11 under Exxxtreme Entertainment's Extreme Movie Pass offering include,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

ATVOD in its determination noted that Exxxtreme Entertainment also has added since its preliminary report over Rule 11 breaches.

In the other finding, Baron Media's was determined to have breached Rule 11.

With the Exxxtreme Entertainment and Baron Media determinations, ATVOD now has brought more than 140 cases against porn sites in three years alleged to have breached Rule 11.

In previous rulings victorious for ATVOD, parent communications regulator Ofcom fined Playboy TV £100,000 for similar breaches over Rule 11. It also prevailed in a case over Jessica Pressley's website. Both of those cases were decided last year.

But last month, Ofcom decided against ATVOD over its findings for femdom BDSM site Urban Chick Supremacy Cell ( Ofcom ruled that the site was outside its scope of regulation because its service was not "TV-like," even though it offers external links to video content.

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