Porno Dan Leal Defends Condom Use in L.A. Daily News

Sep 15, 2014 7:00 AM PST

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Immoral Productions' always vocal boss Porno Dan Leal defended his company's choice to use condoms in its productions in an L.A. Daily News article.

Leal told the News that although he’s not for the now stalled Measure B bill, existing state and federal blood-borne pathogen laws already require the use of a condom or barrier device when producing an adult film anywhere in California or the nation, so why not comply?

Immoral was the first to be hit with a Measure B complaint from its sponsor, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) in March 2013, although Leal said his company has not been cited for a violation, nor others that followed.

Pointing out that he’s really “pro-business,” Leal said it’s better to comply with state laws and try and make a buck than run to other states and face fines.

“I’m the bad guy,” Leal told the News. “I’m the one everyone gangs up on.”

Leal noted that he offered his input to Cal/OSHA to update “unrealistic regulations” on adult film sets, including the use of goggles and gloves and wants Cal/OSHA to accept the current 14-day industry standard of testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

But not all of Leal’s colleagues disagree with his stance. Vivid Entertainment chief Steven Hirsch commented that Wicked Pictures has been condom-only since 2004 and they’re doing fine. “He’s just trying to stay alive,” Hirsch said in support of Leal.

The article also noted that Leal’s productions don’t shut down if an AIDS scare moratorium is called by the industry.

Leal also said he’s working on developing better protection barriers better than condoms (that some talent said can break or cause irritations), such as a spray that could kill infectious viruses.

Condoms “are not designed for two hours of sex,” Leal said. “It’s designed for five minutes of fun.”

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