Will Ryder Unveils First Look at 'Manson Family XXX'

Sep 15, 2014 4:15 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Will Ryder Productions has announced the first look at "Manson Family XXX" available now on YouTube.

Scheduled for a Sept. 30 release, "Manson Family XXX" billed as "a retro hippie flashback to 1969 when Charles Manson was cultivating his harem of willing women amped up on sex, drugs and rock 'n roll."

The company said the film gives an intimate look at the commune-minded "family members" at the infamous Spahn Ranch near Chatsworth, Calif.

The movie has already generated controversy and outrage, however, there also has been a round of support including one from website Die-Screaming.
DieScreaming.com wrote, "Before everyone decides to start calling for the head of Will Ryder and thinking that the porn industry is a bunch of monsters looking to make money off of the legacy of a serial killer and his victims, take a breath. Keep in mind that NBC is also working on a television show which will star David Duchovny that will also focus on the 1960’s life of Charlie Manson and his cult of slutty, murderous women."

Fox Television also has begun development of a new TV series about the cult and also a mainstream movie is on the way, according to Ryder.
"I have to make myself clear that I am in no way glorifying murder and neither is NBC Television or any of the other mainstream production companies that are in production on Manson related projects," he added.  
"We are telling parts of the Manson Family folklore just like the writers and producers of dozens of books, movies and television documentaries have told over the years. We're just going to see them completely naked participating in all kinds of sexual exploration including wild animalistic group sex."
Ryder continued, "Sometimes it's enlightening to do something different than the 'Brady Bunch' and just because we are in the porn business shouldn't restrict us from telling stories or showcasing a viewpoint no matter how controversial or different from what we are best known for even if that offends some people. There is a big audience for this Manson Family porn movie."

The title stars Sarah Vandella as Linda Kassabian, Nadia Styles as Ruth Ann Moorehouse, Maya Grand as Leslie Van Houten, Cassidy Klein as Gypsy, Judas as Susan Atkins and Gaia the Spahn Ranch slut.  

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