PopPorn.com Set to Release 'Suitcase of Porn' 50-DVD Set

Sep 17, 2014 11:00 AM PST

PHILADELPHIA — Adult entertainment destination PopPorn.com is set to release “PopPorn’s Suitcase of Porn” expansive DVD collection on Oct. 29, available now for pre-order.

The set, produced by Filmco and Totally Tasteless Video, contains 50 full-length DVDs encompassing a wide array of specialty porn genres — teen, MILF, gangbang/orgy, anal, interracial, etc. — and runs a whopping 58 hours.

“PopPorn’s Suitcase of Porn” comes in a faux-luggage packaging with handle that is both humorous and practical, a rep explained.

“We’ve always made it our mission to give fans the best possible value for their hard-earned dollar,” said Cody Short, director of content and marketing for PopPorn. “These DVDs, which would cost around at least 500 bucks if bought individually, average out to around $1.80 each, and should keep porn fans knee-deep in smut for months.”

“Anybody who orders this set probably wouldn’t need to buy porn again for a full year,” continued Short, “Unless they’re just chronic over-masturbators who can’t ever stop whacking off for any reason at all. Which, of course, we here at PopPorn.com hope to God that they are.”

“PopPorn’s suitcase of Porn” retails for $89.99 and is available for pre-order here.

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