PHS International Debuts 'Ka-Pow Color!' BDSM Leather Gear

Sep 18, 2014 7:00 AM PST

PHOENIX — PHS International has introduced “Ka-Pow Color! coordinated leather BDSM gear.

The 24-SKU collection features fashion-forward high-impact collars, leashes, whips, restraints and blindfolds that the company said add flash and fun to bedroom action.

“We spent months sourcing and developing Ka-Pow Color! to secure the highest quality leather dyed in the most saturated, bold colors imaginable, and the results are absolutely stunning,” PHS CEO Chuck Harnish said.

He added, “Each design is constructed using the same strong and sturdy hardware and stitching that PHS is known for, which maintains durability during even the most villainous deeds.”

The products come in cobalt blue, bubble gum pink, canary yellow, royal purple, engine red, and turquoise and pop off shelves inspiring shoppers to purchase matched sets.

“We’ve found that consumers are buying Ka-Pow Color! collars, cuffs and leashes to wear out at the club as much as in their love lairs — this cross-over collection appeals to everyone from millennials to their more mature counterparts and appeals to shoppers with playful tastes,” Harnish said.

The gear features hand-crafted leather strap whips; tassel whips; sued-lined small bat paddles; collars; leashes; ankle and wrist restraints; blindfolds; and three-snap, five-snap and Velcro cock rings.

Each comes pre-packaged with a comic book theme that provides an eye-catching slatwall display with background and header posters, plus 12 superhero buttons for added flair.

To order the line, contact a preferred PHS distributor, or email

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