Joanna Angel Talks 'Food in Porn' With Thrillist

Sep 18, 2014 5:30 PM PST

NEW YORK — Alt-porn powerhouse Joanna Angel discussed an unlikely topic with Thrillist — food in porn, and not even in the erotic sense…

Angel, who co-founded and has risen to stardom as an adult actor, director and producer, discussed food logistics on porn sets — like what she provides as fare, how many people partake, and what porn pros think of pizza delivery guys — with a reporter on Thrillist’s food and drink team.

Angel fields reporter Dan Gentile’s questions, ranging from mundane to absurd to somewhat offensive, with steady grace by offering a large helping of realism.

For example, when he asks, “If you're ever using a banana in a scene, you aren't just taking that off the food table?”Angel explains, “No. We have penises on set, we usually don't have to use the bananas.”

Harping on a porn trope often satirized by the mainstream, Gentile can’t help asking about how those on set feel when a pizza delivery guys show. “Is that hilarious?” he wants to know.

“No. I don't really find pizza guy porno funny,” Angel says. “We'll pick it up, or leave an instruction to call when they get there. We don't let people inside."

She adds, “I get it though. Typically people think, pizza guy, porn. But in all my years of shooting porn I've never done a pizza guy setup, so it's not like something you have to do. Mainstream media has killed the pizza guy fantasy, now nobody in porn wants to do it.”

Beyond the far-out queries, the Q&A does reveal some interesting quotidian tidbits, like the fact that Angel loves to cook, that sometimes her boyfriend makes tacos for the crew, that hungry performers sometimes fantasize about food during a scene, that Red Bull is a precious commodity and much, much more.

To check out the full Q&A on Thrillist, click here.      

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