Orgasmatronics Releases ‘Open Source, Bionic’ Strap-On

Sep 21, 2014 6:00 AM PST

DENVER – Orgasmatronics has released the Ambrosia Vibe as an open-source sex toy that can be used to control other toys.

In its standard configuration, the Ambrosia is a bionic strap­on that connects to a bullet vibrator, allowing the wearer to actually feel when their silicone cock is stimulated. But thanks to its Arduino circuitry, the Ambrosia can be hacked to control any number of gadgets.

In the company’s own experiments, the Orgasmatronics team have paired the Ambrosia Vibe with other toys like the Autoblow 2 (also known as "the blowjob robot") and The Toymaker Project's Hammer, a dildo programmed to light up when in use. When the Ambrosia is hacked to power the Autoblow 2, the two gadgets join together to form a robot that can give itself a blowjob, according to the company.

Dr. X. Treme says, "Crazy shit like this is one reason I love this field. A robot sucking its own dick! Why? Because we can!"

To see a video of the Ambrosia Vibe/Autoblow 2 hybrid, click here.

Dr. Kristen Stubbs of the Toymaker Project says she is equally enthused about the Ambrosia's possibilities.

"When Dr. X. Treme asked me about collaborating, I couldn't say 'yes' fast enough,” she said. “What could be more fun than combining the Ambrosia Vibe and the Hammer? You could play with your partner's Ambrosia and watch your own strap­on light up in response. Or perhaps you're in a threeway – imagine one person sucking an Ambrosia while being penetrated by a Hammer that's glowing in time. The Ambrosia Vibe's interactivity makes the Hammer shine."

Orgasmco­founder Alexandra Ars says, "We are so excited to be among the first sex toy companies involved in the open source community. There is so much more to be explored in sex toy design."

The Ambrosia Vibe bionic strap­on will be available on the Orgasmatronics website on Monday, Sept. 22.

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