Queer Porn Meets '70s Erotica in Pink & White's New Release

Sep 24, 2014 1:45 PM PST

SAN FRANCISCO — Pink & White Productions announced the release of a CrashPad "spin-off" episode that blends queer porn sensibilities with erotic, softcore sex, titled “Put the Needle on the Record.”

Inspired by 70's erotic cinema and the works of Radley Metzer, Shine Louise Houston’s “Put the Needle on the Record” is as much of an audio piece as it is a visual one.

"The driving force in this project is the monologue," said Houston, who juxtaposes the film's two musical tracks with its sexual context. "It's also about secrecy and ambiguity. There are blurred lines around what’s true and what’s not. What I’m exploring is expanding a moment in time."

Slated for festival runs with both LGBT-focused and erotic film festivals beginning next month, the short film presents a scripted, unusual spin from Houston's typical direction. For one, it's non-explicit. 

"Shooting the sex scene was different than the way we normally shoot scenes for CrashPadSeries.com, primarily because we weren’t really shooting any action," Houston explained. "The only thing I wanted to capture were the reaction shots. That’s mainly because we’ll have narrative going over the image."

The film stars Drew DeVeaux, Andre Shakti, Ex Libris and Nikki Darling, with a guest cameo by Dylan Ryan.  

DeVeaux shares her challenges of performing the softcore role. "The cameras were focused mostly on my face and my facial expressions, and so I was trying to communicate how great I felt through what little part of me I was able to show on camera." While the crew captured DeVeaux’s emotional responses, she and co-star Shakti were able to do as they pleased below the belt, resulting in a cinematic compromise of pleasure and performance.

“Put the Needle on the Record” is free to CrashPadSeries.com members, and is also available for VOD at PinkLabel.tv.

To check out the trailer, click here.

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