Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals to Moderate 'Feminism & Porn' Panel

Sep 25, 2014 2:45 PM PST

CYBERSPACE — MindBrowse.com has announced that sociologist Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals will again serve as moderator for the discussion portal’s next panel discussion, “Feminism & Porn: Can they Coexist?,” coming up on Tuesday, Sept. 30 at 3 p.m. EST.

“Chauntelle did an amazing job as the moderator of our first two events, and we’re delighted to have her on board again to help facilitate a spirited and productive discussion,” said Angie Rowntree, owner and founder of Sssh.com, which produces all MindBrowse.com events.

“Chauntelle is well-versed in feminist theory, and in the issues that surround adult entertainment, so she’s the ideal person to moderate this event,” she added.

Dr. Tibbals will oversee a panel that includes adult directors/performers Stormy Daniels and Dana Vespoli, as well as noted writer, sex educator, social worker and feminist porn performer Dylan Ryan.

“With ‘Feminism & Porn: Can they Coexist?,’ we’ve gathered some of the most influential filmmakers and performers in adult entertainment to address just this — how does feminism factor into their work specifically and into the industry overall?,” Tibbals said. “Interestingly, though not everyone necessarily identifies as a feminist, we can see key feminist principles operating in the most nichey, the most hardcore and the most mainstream corners of adult. Thus, just like Beyoncé publicly declared feminism as an integral component of her brand at this year’s VMAs, we’re left to wonder: do feminism and porn go hand in hand?”

Dr. Tibbals’ research has been published in several scholarly journals, including “Sexualities, Gender Work & Organization,” “Journal of Contemporary Ethnography” and “Stanford Law and Policy Review.” She has been quoted and cited by cultural and news media outlets, including CNN, Business Insider, Slate and NPR.

“In so many ways, the idea of feminism — or feminisms, as there’s more than just one — continues to be a very incendiary topic,” notes Dr. Tibbals. “What place does it even have in society anymore, especially regarding porn? As a sociologist whose work and worldview are shaped by myriad feminist insights, let me tell you: we still need feminism, and feminism is an important, multi-faceted perspective shaping today’s adult entertainment industry.” 

For more information and to watch previous MindBrowse events, visit MindBrowse.com.

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